Student Gambling in the UK

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A recent report by the Gambling Commission disclosed that two out of every three undergraduate students, this accounts to nearly 1.2 million, have indulged in gambling of late – a ravelled penchant.

The luring aspect is the ease of access and the requirement to come with a meagre €250 every month, while they could earn twice or thrice by gambling – an extra income for these college students. What can be a more appealing proposition to these youngsters – realising their reverie of being a millionaire?

Ways Students Can Gamble Safely

To eradicate this predicament looming in the UK, the Gambling Commission has crafted a catalogue of safe gambling tips for students. The Commission also called forth universities to foster gambling best practices.

 Time Management

The GC has asked players to keep track of their account page to have clarity on the hours they spend gambling, which is the games, and the money they have been wagering. This information is to be made available by online casinos. Numerous online casinos also have the choice of an on-screen pop-up frequently to remind the player.

 Setting Betting Limits

The GC has also proposed the players to lay a deposit limit based on how much they can afford to lose. This is now a feature at multiple online casinos. Players have a choice for self-exclusion at brick-and-mortar and online casinos, a restorative measure in barring themselves from playing for more than the designated time.


The report by GC elucidates that only 20% of gamblers take the pain of going through a site’s terms and conditions. Once they sign up, they realise they did not sign up for what they really fancied. Therefore, carrying out comprehensive research on bonus offers at trusted sites is paramount.

Not only be a smart consumer, but also make sure that you are involved in an informed choice. It is also crucial for your casino site to have a license sanctioned by the Gambling Commission and be transparent to inform the protection conferred to customers’ money and information.

Getting Help

For those of you who can discern that they have transcended from a gambler to a compulsive gambling habit, there exist a plethora of free resources that are made available to students and others as well. These are exceptional venues where you can seek help from if you are feeling things transpiring in another tangent.

There is a myriad of organisations that can provide you help, but the finest ones are GamCare and BeGambleAware. These two platforms confer on customers the option of live chat and phone services almost throughout the day. It goes a step further in providing you self-assessment and other valued information in terms of problem gambling—the sole quick fix to your Gordian knot.

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